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Piano Worlds

Piano Worlds

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Piano Worlds is a collection of six calming piano music tracks (plus one not so calming track) bundled with seamlessly matching piano-based sound effects. Everything you need for beautiful background music or subtle sound transitions in your project is here. Create an atmosphere of serenity and peacefulness, or longing and melancholy with the Piano Worlds music asset pack.

  • Seven music tracks with both linear and looping variants
  • 27 piano-based sound effects
  • 16 stingers with additional variants
  • "Dry" (No reverb) versions of sound effects & stingers
  • Available in stereo WAV & OGG formats at 48khz
  • Licensed for use in multiple video game projects as well as for use on social media.
    Exact license terms are viewable here.

On purchase you will receive a link to download the asset pack.

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